Still waiting for you…

Seems the world has changed, or the world  has changed me.

Cause now I find myself, living without “ME”.


Had been giving you, everything I could from my side,

Ever since the day you stepped into my life,

Not for anything other than to see you smile.

Could have given you more, to keep you by my side.

I wish you would have said, for once, that you need me in your life.


Am I running a little late, or am I too fast.

Why don’t I see you anymore, looking for me,

during the day or dark.

You know me, and everything from my heart.


Ever since you left, I have realized,

A part of my life was made of a part of your life,

A  part where we lived the love, so pure.

And I miss that part.


No words can express the love I have,

I wish, you could have understood that feelings never die.


You’ll  always be fond of me,

Cause I represent to you,

All the wrong things you did to me,

And never had the courage to commit.


The day of courage, the day of commitment.

The day of love , the ray of  hope.

I know that day is there,

Cause I’m still waiting for you , at the shore.


To the most amazing Dad…Yes,I am Daddy’s girl :)

You took me in your arms,

the day I opened my eyes for the first time.

You, the first man in my life.


I used to hold your finger,

and walk in the crowd.

Not afraid of anything,

cause you were around.


The mornings, I used to be ready,

with my school bag and nursery rhymes in my mind,

for the most wonderful ride of my life,

on your own scooter with me standing in front,

felt like I was flying like a kite.


The smile on your face,

when you settled my hair every day after the ride.

Used to make me feel like dad’s princess,

who has to learn and score well.


You bought brushes, you bought paints.

Appreciated and happily showed to everyone,

the pictures that I did paint.


You found me whenever I lost myself.

You understood me, you encouraged me,

at my every difficult step.


I hear you when you talk,

I listen to your silence.

I look up to you,

Cause I know, no other better man.


I saw you working days and nights,

without complaining to your dear wife.

I saw you growing and you helped me grow,

with every experience and knowledge you gained,

to face any door.


As I’m growing,

I find more of you in me.

From handling situations to dealing with different people,

Or spending my money.


You scold me when I go wrong,you help me to strive.

A word from you,and everything seems alright.

You wake me up, you make me smile.

You’ll see me, dad, reaching new heights.


P.S.  “Dad” -A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.


Will be…

Somewhere, there must be a world,

Where you’ll be with me.

Don’t know where this world is,

Don’t know whether it even exists.

A world where our feelings have the supreme power.

A world where we can treasure love.

* * *

Sometime, there will be a moment,

When you’ll be mine.

Don’t know when it will be,

Don’t know whether it even exists on the clock,

A moment when we will be alive.

A moment when we can be together for lifetime.

* * *

Someday, there will be a sunrise,

when you’ll wake up by my side.

Don’t  know whether we are still dreaming,

Don’t know whether it will come to life,

when we will open our eyes.

A morning as beautiful as nothing can be,

A morning which brings you to me.

* * *

Something, is there that connects you to me,

Don’t know, it’s about you or me,

Don’t know whether it’s just a feeling,

A thing which exists and forever will be,

A thing which gives me the faith,

that you were, you are and will always be with me.


P.S. Two people dont have to be together right now, in a month or in a year. If those two people are meant to be, they will be together anyhow, sometime in life.


Ruminating on the nature of the Moon

The Moon, an unconditional love of a lover, a never ending dream of a dreamer, the charming prince from a fairy tale, the melodious song for a singer, the ever ready super model for a photographer, a poet’s poem, a painter’s painting and a scientist’s research.

The Moon, who has always shared different relationships with different people. For me, he is the most mysterious boy I’ve ever known.

The Moon, my first love.

By love I do not mean that I only admire his shine and beauty.

By love I mean , I have truly felt his feelings, observed him when he comes back in a different mood every night (with an innocent look , a naughty smile, a mischievous face, a romantic look, a calm listener’s look or any other) and have been trying to understand him ever since I fell in love with him.

I wonder, how, the one who has nothing of his own ( no light , no life) brings smiles to so many faces, in front of whom people pray for their wishes to come true.

From such a distance who looks magnificent hides his pain and loneliness behind his shining smile.

The Moon, who has always been there to smile at my crazy ideas, laugh at my funny incidents, patiently listen to my never ending talks and calmly watches me sleeping every night.

The Moon, whom I used to think, that he used to follow my car and everywhere I go. The Moon, whom I search for, every night when I look out from my window.

The moon, who still continues to fascinate me with its beauty and mystery…