How is your selfishness?

You can’t even see whether its day or dark.


How is the person inside you?

Although you’ve traveled seven seas,

there is thirst in your heart. 


Why is there a noise, still in you?

You left the story incomplete,

with an excuse that you would find peace.


Why are you trying to search for yourself?

When you were the one who wanted to get lost in the crowd,

of your favorite strangers.


Do you realize?

You fake a smile every time you look at yourself,

pretending to be happy and alive,

even though you sense an uneasiness in the breeze around you.


What are you now?

Where did you go?

The moment was like a water bubble,

which was there only for an instance,


P.S. Find yourself , you’ll get everything you want.

* * *


Lunacy with a pinch of love

lunacy and love

What should I write for you today, that your heart gets to know how much I love you. 

Is it not enough?

That in every wish and breath of mine, its only YOU.

YOU, with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. 

YOU, whom I want to see more happy than anybody else in the world. 

* * *