Without you…

Without you, I’ve lost myself, and I still  live in you.

The more I feel you, the more I own you.

* **

Without  you, I’m standing all alone,

With only darkness around me.

No sound, No light,

No arms to hold me through the cold night,

Only a never ending wait.

* * *

 Without you, I feel there is silence everywhere,

And a loud noise inside me.

Today I wanna  shout out loud,

But the world seems to have turned deaf.

* * *

 Without you I’m all alone in the crowd,

Remembering you in every breath of mine.

It was a strange moment,

It was the rainbow phase of my life.

When you were around me, all the time,

And with me at every step of mine.

* * *

 Without you, whenever,

There is a gust of wind, or a gentle breeze,

Pass through my body,

I feel as if you have come back.

What a moment it was, when we were together always.

Now there is only distance and a long time.

* * *

 Without you I’m all alone,

My world seems to have stopped

between yesterday and tomorrow,

the past and the future,

and time does not want to move on.

* * *

 Without you, my days and nights  passes,

But it’s difficult to grow, alone with age

Cause my years doesn’t seem to pass.

* * *

 Without you, whenever I recall everything,

A darkness spreads in front of my eyes,

And life seems to have flown out of my body.

* * *

 Without you, I still speak to you,

Wishing the wind to carry my words,

To your ears, to your heart.

* * *

 If you are there, then ‘WE’ exist.

If ‘WE’ are there, there is everything.

Cause, without you, there is nothing.

* * *

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