Will be…

Somewhere, there must be a world,

Where you’ll be with me.

Don’t know where this world is,

Don’t know whether it even exists.

A world where our feelings have the supreme power.

A world where we can treasure love.

* * *

Sometime, there will be a moment,

When you’ll be mine.

Don’t know when it will be,

Don’t know whether it even exists on the clock,

A moment when we will be alive.

A moment when we can be together for lifetime.

* * *

Someday, there will be a sunrise,

when you’ll wake up by my side.

Don’t  know whether we are still dreaming,

Don’t know whether it will come to life,

when we will open our eyes.

A morning as beautiful as nothing can be,

A morning which brings you to me.

* * *

Something, is there that connects you to me,

Don’t know, it’s about you or me,

Don’t know whether it’s just a feeling,

A thing which exists and forever will be,

A thing which gives me the faith,

that you were, you are and will always be with me.


P.S. Two people dont have to be together right now, in a month or in a year. If those two people are meant to be, they will be together anyhow, sometime in life.


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