Wait befalls…


She wasn’t waiting for him,

But he found her. 

They chirped together 

They flew from one tree to the other

He gave her shelter under his wings 

During rainy nights

She gave him, her share of grains,

When food was not enough for both.

Finally they decided to build a nest

Where they can stay together.

She worked day & night,

But before she could complete it, 

He was gone forever.

He wasn’t there for her anymore.

She wept during the rains,

And shivered all the cold nights,

As she waited beside their nest.

Seasons passed,

She knew it but she was still fighting with her heart.

He would never come back.

What was she waiting for? 

It was spring again,

And there came somebody new to show her love again 

He promised, he would never leave her and go,

He took her wherever he went 

And decided to build a nest together.

She fell for it again, 

She caught him staring at the ones

Who were flying to the other land.

He was dreaming to go along with them

It was the same story,

Told to the same person.

* * *




His fingertips tucked a strand of hair

behind her left ear,

and planted a warm kiss

on her cheek.

He held her hand,

comforted her,

saying that everything will be alright.

it’s just the matter of time

which will pass by very soon.

A gush of memories

flashed in front of her eyes,

as she hid the picture back

in between her old stuff.


Things would never be the same again.

Things were changed forever.

The mighty waves in her heart,

will disturb her for the rest of her life

no matter how hard she tries

to live in peace.

She was dreaming about her present,

and living in her past.

* * *


You are my Zing…


Used to wonder like all teenage girls,

One day my prince charming would come on a white horse,

He would stop in front of me,

Bend on his knees to say,

That he loves me.


Today I got to know,

Not all prince charming come on a white horse.

Well, mine came in faded low waist jeans and a blue t-shirt.

To me this surprise was even better my dreams.


Neither did he bend on his knees,

Nor did he sing songs,

Just held me close, in his arms,

And said “I love you and you need not deny

Because I know you love me too.


He reads my silence,

He watches me all the time,

He frightens me, by hiding behind the door,

He hugs me tightly, when I cry,

And he sleeps like baby with his head on my lap without a lullaby.


He gifted me to myself.

Yes, he is my best friend.

He is amazing, he is true,

He is a little tribal, he is YOU,

You know I’m not me without you.


P.S . I love you.

*   *   *