Weeny Tale #7-Love to ‘feet’


He said

He would do anything in the world,

To bring all the happiness to her feet.


All she could ever ask for,

Was his love and nothing else.


Last night, she was at his feet,

Begging him not to leave her and go.

* * *



Ray of hope…

ray of hope

Her phone rang once in the evening after he came back from office, to ask whether she took her medicines.

Her phone rang once again at night, to ask whether she had dinner.

Had he known she needed him the most, more than the medicines,

Had he known she needed some time from his busy schedule,

she would have recovered.

Today,she was still fighting, with her mind and her heart.

Today,she still believes that there is a ray of hope, because there is always a sunshine after a dark.

* * *