Still waiting for you…

Seems the world has changed, or the world  has changed me.

Cause now I find myself, living without “ME”.


Had been giving you, everything I could from my side,

Ever since the day you stepped into my life,

Not for anything other than to see you smile.

Could have given you more, to keep you by my side.

I wish you would have said, for once, that you need me in your life.


Am I running a little late, or am I too fast.

Why don’t I see you anymore, looking for me,

during the day or dark.

You know me, and everything from my heart.


Ever since you left, I have realized,

A part of my life was made of a part of your life,

A  part where we lived the love, so pure.

And I miss that part.


No words can express the love I have,

I wish, you could have understood that feelings never die.


You’ll  always be fond of me,

Cause I represent to you,

All the wrong things you did to me,

And never had the courage to commit.


The day of courage, the day of commitment.

The day of love , the ray of  hope.

I know that day is there,

Cause I’m still waiting for you , at the shore.


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