life is more beautiful…

life is more beautiful

Life is more beautiful,

With the happiness as well as the problems,

For the fact you are here.

Life looked more beautiful,

The day I stopped running away,

And not hoping to change the past.


Life started to seem more beautiful,

Since the day you taught me to deal with everything,

And live it day by day.

It’s then life started to seem more beautiful,

It’s then I realized how every detail of life is important,

How every moment of life is worth living.

So that later when I close my eyes and remember these moments,

I can live it again.

Life is beautiful because of you,

Life is more beautiful with you.

* * *


The smell of rain

smell of rain

The smell of rain, reminds me of you.

The shinning water droplets on your short hair,

And your drenched shoulders.

The smell of rain, reminds me of you.

I knew you were carrying your umbrella that evening,

And you did not take it out.

You wanted to share mine, I had no doubt.


The smell of rain reminds me of you.

The car’s window that you always used to keep it open,

To allow the breeze to spoil my hair.

I could see the smile on your face in the side mirror,

as you watched me settling my ruined hair.

The smell of rain, reminds me of you.

The bike ride till the mall.

The strong breeze which carried your smell,

As I sat behind, holding you.


The smell of rain, always reminds me of you.

* * *