You are my Zing…


Used to wonder like all teenage girls,

One day my prince charming would come on a white horse,

He would stop in front of me,

Bend on his knees to say,

That he loves me.


Today I got to know,

Not all prince charming come on a white horse.

Well, mine came in faded low waist jeans and a blue t-shirt.

To me this surprise was even better my dreams.


Neither did he bend on his knees,

Nor did he sing songs,

Just held me close, in his arms,

And said “I love you and you need not deny

Because I know you love me too.


He reads my silence,

He watches me all the time,

He frightens me, by hiding behind the door,

He hugs me tightly, when I cry,

And he sleeps like baby with his head on my lap without a lullaby.


He gifted me to myself.

Yes, he is my best friend.

He is amazing, he is true,

He is a little tribal, he is YOU,

You know I’m not me without you.


P.S . I love you.

*   *   *