I wish I can see you once…


I wish I can see you once.
What happened to the promise,
you made at the airport ?
You promised it wasn’t the last time,
we were seeing each other.
you promised we would be meeting soon.
you promised you will be there,
no matter what happened.
you promised you will never stop loving me.
I wish I can see u for once.
You, whom I have never stopped loving.

* * *


Your eyes lied…


Didn’t I tell u that I loved your eyes?
Whenever I looked into them,
I always found love.
Dint know they lied. 
Whenever I looked into them,
they assured me,
No matter what happens,
You would never leave me and go. 
Dint know your eyes could lie.
Even now whenever I close my eyes ,
I see u , I see your eyes,
which looked for me all the time, 
eyes which were full of love,
But the moment I open my eyes,
I am reminded that your eyes lied.

*  * *