It is forever…


I can wait for your love forever,

Even until eternity.

But I crave for you in this life.

In this life, I need you the most.

Right now, I wish you were here.

You make me realize,

The only person I want to be with is you.

And yes, when I say I love,

I mean, It is forever.

* * *




Don’t know what you are suffering from,

Leaving who is near you,

You always long for who is far.

No matter how much they try to come close to you,

They land up being at a distance.

You are a riddle, unknown to anyone.

For how long have your eyes not slept?

For how long has your heart not been at peace?


I know, yesterday, you met her again,

You saw her again, the old you.

The one, who was made to look beautiful by the unexplained time.


You have never wavered in your fidelity,

Today repeatedly makes innuendos to forget her.

But you, with a predilection for thinking

And dreaming about her,

Would not understand,

That your escape is never imminent.

* * * 




It was my usual Sunday evening walk, with me and my iPod. Lost in my own small world when, suddenly, I felt a pat on my shoulder as I was heading towards the vegetable vendor. The hand felt familiar to me. I pulled out my earphones from my ears and turned around to see who it was.

I saw him. I saw him today. I saw him standing right in front of me. Same face, same expressions, same hair. Nothing seems to have changed in him in past two years. I did not know how I should respond. May be the time gap between us has stolen the ability to make me respond to his presence or the ability to feel that he was actually there. Life around me seemed to have stopped for that moment.

I just kept looking at him. I saw him shaking his head, moving his lips, making hand gestures. He was trying to say something I guess, I could not help myself from getting lost in thoughts. To get back my consciousness he literary had to shake my shoulder and say loudly, “Helooooooo, What’s up?  Didn’t you recognize me?”

My silence and my blank reaction made him think that I might have not recognized him at all.

The moment made me realize, how can he think that I didn’t recognize him? When, he is still the one who can make the whole world around me come to a halt.  Whose, hands I can still sense without even learning about his presence.

I said I shifted to this city a year back for my job while he mentioned that he was here on an official trip.

Days, months and years have passed but he still seems to be the same, who had always loved talking and speaking whatever came to his mind, without even giving it a thought. Everything seemed to have gone back in time but I was not the same anymore. Don’t know whether I was even listening to him or just kept looking at his expressions. I just nodded when he asked me to join him to the pizza place down the street for dinner.

This usual Sunday wasn’t a usual day anymore. There was more to it. To add to the day, guess what I saw? Or didn’t see, but it really did happen. Here I was walking beside him but not with him and the same moment I see “ME”, a figure same as mine, walking next to him on his left hand side, holding his hands, talking to him non-stop, pulling his cheeks, tickling him, pinching him, teasing him, laughing her heart out. Ah!!! She looked so happy and charming. I haven’t seen myself like this in years. Where has she been hiding all this while? Why was she here now? She vanished the very moment I realized I’m not ‘Me’ anymore. The present me doesn’t have stories to tell him, the present me doesn’t hold him and show off to the world that he belonged to me, the present me doesn’t laugh like her, as she had no worries because he was there to take care of her.

The chain of events made me think as I lay on my bed that night. Time has passed, time has changed, and with time he has taken away a part of me along with him. The part of me what does not live in me anymore. The part of me what comes to life only in his presence. The part of me, who, was madly in love with him. The part of me, who, used to laugh, smile and blush. The part of me, who, used to be playful and naughty. The part of me, who, was his best friend. That part would never come back to me.

I met her today, my better half. 

* * *


The Blind Faith…

She called up on his number,
to tell him how much she loves him,
the love that has only grown more over the years.


He answered the call in a blank mood,
she thought he may be tired after the hectic schedule,
but the night was odd, her stars were not right,
he gave no reason and said he had something in his mind.


She was concerned, wanted to know what was wrong,
she thought she could have helped,
and could have made things right.


He said it without taking a breadth,
the most unexpected thing in her life,
“I don’t want you by my side,
I have decide for myself ,
and its time for you to move on in life”


She knew it from her heart,
she cannot live without him.
She knew it from her soul,
that they were meant for each other.
She could not explain it to herself,
cause she dint know what went wrong.
She knew it strongly within,
that he was the only one,
and she can never love another soul.


She begged him for their love,
she asked to give one last chance to their relationship,
she pleaded, she cried, not to go away,
cause he was her life.


He walked away to her surprise,
saying he doesn’t need her anymore in her life.


She cried for months,
she called him a hundred times,
she was dying every moment,
she was living but not alive.


Today, she lay on a hospital bed,
after a horrible accident,
struggling to breathe but craving to die.
she asked everyone she wants to see him for one last time,
thinking may be now he would care,
if not for his girl friend, but for the fact that she had been his best friend.
He slammed down the phone saying he doesn’t care,
and not contact him even if she is dead.


Its been a year, since she heard his laugh and saw his smile,
she craves for his hug and fragrance of his presence,
she knows, she still loves him now and she’ll love him forever,
she strongly believes he will come back someday,
she still waits for him every day and every night.


P.S. If you truly love someone, you’ll definitely be with him someday.

This blind faith is called love, when love becomes your prayer, your God.

* * *

Without you…

Without you, I’ve lost myself, and I still  live in you.

The more I feel you, the more I own you.

* **

Without  you, I’m standing all alone,

With only darkness around me.

No sound, No light,

No arms to hold me through the cold night,

Only a never ending wait.

* * *

 Without you, I feel there is silence everywhere,

And a loud noise inside me.

Today I wanna  shout out loud,

But the world seems to have turned deaf.

* * *

 Without you I’m all alone in the crowd,

Remembering you in every breath of mine.

It was a strange moment,

It was the rainbow phase of my life.

When you were around me, all the time,

And with me at every step of mine.

* * *

 Without you, whenever,

There is a gust of wind, or a gentle breeze,

Pass through my body,

I feel as if you have come back.

What a moment it was, when we were together always.

Now there is only distance and a long time.

* * *

 Without you I’m all alone,

My world seems to have stopped

between yesterday and tomorrow,

the past and the future,

and time does not want to move on.

* * *

 Without you, my days and nights  passes,

But it’s difficult to grow, alone with age

Cause my years doesn’t seem to pass.

* * *

 Without you, whenever I recall everything,

A darkness spreads in front of my eyes,

And life seems to have flown out of my body.

* * *

 Without you, I still speak to you,

Wishing the wind to carry my words,

To your ears, to your heart.

* * *

 If you are there, then ‘WE’ exist.

If ‘WE’ are there, there is everything.

Cause, without you, there is nothing.

* * *