You are my Zing…


Used to wonder like all teenage girls,

One day my prince charming would come on a white horse,

He would stop in front of me,

Bend on his knees to say,

That he loves me.


Today I got to know,

Not all prince charming come on a white horse.

Well, mine came in faded low waist jeans and a blue t-shirt.

To me this surprise was even better my dreams.


Neither did he bend on his knees,

Nor did he sing songs,

Just held me close, in his arms,

And said “I love you and you need not deny

Because I know you love me too.


He reads my silence,

He watches me all the time,

He frightens me, by hiding behind the door,

He hugs me tightly, when I cry,

And he sleeps like baby with his head on my lap without a lullaby.


He gifted me to myself.

Yes, he is my best friend.

He is amazing, he is true,

He is a little tribal, he is YOU,

You know I’m not me without you.


P.S . I love you.

*   *   *


I fell in love with you…

The moment you proposed me,

And said you would wait for eternity,

To get my answer and be with me,

I fell in love with you.


The difficult times you were there for me,

As my best friend,

Whenever I needed you,

I fell in love with you.


 The many times you said that,

I belonged to you, only you,

And you would never let me go,

I fell in love with you.


The long hours we spent talking,

Laughing, fighting,

And teasing each other,

I fell in love with you.


The instances you caught me,

Whenever I was about to fall,

The care for me & the truth I saw in your eyes,

I fell in love with you.


The way you understood me and my unsaid words,

You knew that I cannot live without you,

At all the weakest moments,

I fell in love with you.


Between the sentences you spoke,

And the words you whispered,

I fell in love with you.


The times you used to,

Make my heart beat faster,

Whenever you touched my hand,

I fell in love with you.


The hours we used to sit,

Me in your arms,

Without saying anything,

But speaking through silence,

I fell in love with you.


The days we met,

And the months spent missing each other,

I fell in love with you.


Whenever you felt sick and behaved like a child,

Who wanted me to be around you all the time,

I fell in love with you.


While watching you sleep,

Waking up seeing you, sitting beside me,

Looking at me with a smile,

I fell in love with you.


When I looked into the mirror,

You came from behind to hold me in your arms,

And tried to capture me in your eyes.

I felt as the most beautiful girl,

At those moments.

I fell in love with you.


Today, after so many days,

After all that happened,

Whenever I close my eyes I still see you,

Your memory fills my eyes with tears,

I can still hear your voice,

Today , I’m sure that

I’m still in love with you.


I was, I am and I will be,

In love with you forever,

Coz I have been missing you, sweetheart,

Ever since the last time,

You said ‘BYE’.


Hey  I  still  LOVE  YOU

* * *

It is FOREVER… coz its LOVE…

The Proposal

He :  Hey Maddy you are more than a friend to me. I wanted to tell you from a long time that I’m in love with you.

After 24 hours of  fight between her heart and brain.

She :  Hey Monkey we have a long way to go. Think about your parents, your career. Why do you want to spoil your life with me, you can get a better girl. You know that relationships matters to me a lot, I really cannot take it if anybody ditches me. If its in our fate it will happen.

He :  I don’t want any other better girl, you tell me what you think about us.

She : Hey I really don’t understand my feelings right now. I need time.

He : No problem. You can take your time. I can wait for eternity but it will be better if you reply in this life time.

After her sleepless night

She : Hey Monkey ! I always wanted  a guy who would love me a lot and who would never ditch me. Somewhere I see that truth in your eyes. I think I love you too. Hope you will never let me down nor my trust .

The Love

She : You know what? I’m am very lucky to have you in my life. A person who has been my best friend, is my boy friend today and will be my husband. I really cannot ask anything more than this from life.

He : Hey Maddy I love you. No matter what happens you are always at the other end of the phone to sort things out in my life even if its three in the morning. I feel better after sharing my problems with you. So patiently you listen to my most silly conversations and even make me smile on my most difficult days. I’m more lucky to have a girl friend like you. You’ll never leave me right???

She : Idiot! Never!

He : Even if you want to, I won’t let you go coz I know you love me more than I love you. I really miss you sweetheart. I can never imagine life without you.

The Meetings…The Dates…The Partings…

He : Hey sweetheart wasup? I really can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning. I have already boarded the train , I’ll be there in few hours. Love you.

She : Missing you a lot monkey . Come soon.

The mornings:

He: Seems you dint sleep last night. Can make out from your eyes.

She smiles.

He : Hey sweetheart you look really beautiful today. I can’t believe you are here in my arms. I missed you so much.

She: I missed you too. I really love to listen your heartbeat and feel you taking deep breaths when you sit while holding me in your arms.

He : Hey Maddy why do take so much tension. I am always there beside you no matter what happens. Everything will be fine one day.

She : I know. Your one hug relieves me from all the worries I have in my life. I really forget  everything when I’m in your arms. I love you.

He : you fit so well in my arms (smiles).

The evenings:

He : Hey sweetheart are you crying?

She : No.

He: Idiot ! You can’t even lie. Come here. If you cry like this how can you expect me to go .

She : I love you and I’ll miss you a lot. Life is really difficult staying away from you. I don’t know how I should manage.

He : My Maddy is a strong girl. I want to take care of yourself  and very soon we’ll meet again. So cheer up!

He looks out from the window till the train leaves station.

She waits there looking at the train till it’s out of her sight.

A year later…

She : Hey I really can’t see you suffering. I am a mad girl who has hell lot of problems in her life. Please leave me.

He : What’s wrong with you Maddy? Why are you saying all this?

She : Nothing. Its just that I feel you deserve somebody better than me. I don’t think I’m able to do anything for you. What if this relationship doesn’t work out. Its better you leave me now, I won’t be able to take it if we break up later.

He : Maddy please have faith on our relationship. You love me right?

She : I do…

He : That’s more than enough. I really don’t care about anything else. I will make this relationship work. You don’t need to worry about anything coz I love this mad girl. I know she is a little naïve but I love her the way she is. Even if you want I’m not letting you go. Whenever you feel low just remember all the beautiful moments that we have spent together.

She : Hey Monkey are you crying?

He : You know Maddy I cannot live without you. Why do you think of  breaking up?

She : Idiot ! Don’t cry now. You know I can’t see you crying. Its just that I was too frustrated and you know that I can’t break up with you. If it has to happen you need to do it that’s why I say you leave me coz I can never leave you.

He : That’s not happening . I will let you go the day you find someone who loves you more than me. Hey Maddy answer me a question. What if you see me with another girl someday.

She : Frankly speaking I really can’t see you with any other girl and if you really love me you will never do that and don’t really know what will I do.

He : Slap me twice if it ever happens. Do you think it can ever happen?

She : No, not even in my wildest dreams. I trust you more than myself. I love you.

He : I love you too… a lot…

Four years later…

The breakup…

She : Hey are you sleeping? I wanted to talk to you?

He : I am very tired .

She : Please for few minutes.

He : what?

She : What’s wrong ? Why are you avoiding me? Is there a problem ?

He : I want to break up.

She : why?

He : its just not working out.

She (weeps) : hey please don’t do that. I really can’t take it.

He : I really don’t care. Do what you want.

She : Please  don’t make any hasty decisions. What happened all of a sudden? What is bothering you? Please tell me what is the problem? Is it work pressure whatever it is we’ll sort it out. Have some patience. I’m ready to do anything for you. Are you alright?

He : No its nothing of that sort. I just don’t love you anymore. Please don’t cry, try to understand and move on.

She : but I still love  you a lot even more than how much I loved you four years back. Please don’t leave me. What about the promises and everything that you told me , the moments we spent together. I really can’t live without you.

He : I don’t care whether you live or die.

She : Can you be with somebody else?

He : I am already seeing someone else.

She : Please don’t say that. You can’t do that to me. You know I can’t be with somebody else. Don’t do something what you’ll regret all your life. Please give our relationship one last chance.

He : I really don’t care . Please I don’t want you to contact me anymore.

She : I really don’t know what happened .I only know that I have loved you a lot and I still love you. I’ll wait for you even if I have to wait for my whole life.

He : What if  I never come back?

She : You’ll still find me waiting for you at the door. I love you.


 Love can become more, love can become less,

But love cannot die, coz its love.

If  it was once, it will be forever.

* * *