His fingertips tucked a strand of hair

behind her left ear,

and planted a warm kiss

on her cheek.

He held her hand,

comforted her,

saying that everything will be alright.

it’s just the matter of time

which will pass by very soon.

A gush of memories

flashed in front of her eyes,

as she hid the picture back

in between her old stuff.


Things would never be the same again.

Things were changed forever.

The mighty waves in her heart,

will disturb her for the rest of her life

no matter how hard she tries

to live in peace.

She was dreaming about her present,

and living in her past.

* * *


To the most amazing Dad…Yes,I am Daddy’s girl :)

You took me in your arms,

the day I opened my eyes for the first time.

You, the first man in my life.


I used to hold your finger,

and walk in the crowd.

Not afraid of anything,

cause you were around.


The mornings, I used to be ready,

with my school bag and nursery rhymes in my mind,

for the most wonderful ride of my life,

on your own scooter with me standing in front,

felt like I was flying like a kite.


The smile on your face,

when you settled my hair every day after the ride.

Used to make me feel like dad’s princess,

who has to learn and score well.


You bought brushes, you bought paints.

Appreciated and happily showed to everyone,

the pictures that I did paint.


You found me whenever I lost myself.

You understood me, you encouraged me,

at my every difficult step.


I hear you when you talk,

I listen to your silence.

I look up to you,

Cause I know, no other better man.


I saw you working days and nights,

without complaining to your dear wife.

I saw you growing and you helped me grow,

with every experience and knowledge you gained,

to face any door.


As I’m growing,

I find more of you in me.

From handling situations to dealing with different people,

Or spending my money.


You scold me when I go wrong,you help me to strive.

A word from you,and everything seems alright.

You wake me up, you make me smile.

You’ll see me, dad, reaching new heights.


P.S.  “Dad” -A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.