My Mango Day… :)

Morning, as I step out of my house,

In one of my favorite dress,

I tend to hear music coming from all directions.

Seems everyone on the street is greeting me,

With a big smile on their face.

The world looks more colorful today.


While working, while sleeping,

While walking down the street in my own pace and gait.

While dancing, while singing,

While kissing the angel , my neighbor’s baby girl.

While talking to myself, while day-dreaming,

While pulling the cheeks of the cute little boy waiting at the bus stop.

I feel as if you always keep looking at me and smiling,

Trying to capture all sorts of different expressions on my face,

Taking a deep breath, pretending to skip a heart beat,

feeling lucky to have me in your life.


Whenever I stand in-front of the mirror to get ready,

I see you  standing behind me,

Looking at me with the most beautiful smile on your face,

Gesturing me that I look beautiful today.


Tonight as I look at the moon,out from my window,

The soft breeze passes through my hair.

The soft breeze passes that through me, makes me shiver,

And it brings me your smell.

I stand there alone talking to the wind,

Requesting the humble wind to go to you,

And give you a feeling of me, my presence.

Requesting the silent wind to whisper in your ears,

That I love you.


Tonight, as I sleep,

My pillow reminds me of you,

The breeze sings to me while I sleep,

Takes me in a world of my favorite dreams,

Where I’m sleeping in your arms, safe and sound.

It gives the feeling as if you are there,

and will always be.


Mango, that can bring smile on anybody’s face at anytime.

Mango, a colour of happiness, a taste of love. 

This was a glimpse of  ‘My Mango Day’ , would like to know about yours ???

* * *

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