The Blind Faith…

She called up on his number,
to tell him how much she loves him,
the love that has only grown more over the years.


He answered the call in a blank mood,
she thought he may be tired after the hectic schedule,
but the night was odd, her stars were not right,
he gave no reason and said he had something in his mind.


She was concerned, wanted to know what was wrong,
she thought she could have helped,
and could have made things right.


He said it without taking a breadth,
the most unexpected thing in her life,
“I don’t want you by my side,
I have decide for myself ,
and its time for you to move on in life”


She knew it from her heart,
she cannot live without him.
She knew it from her soul,
that they were meant for each other.
She could not explain it to herself,
cause she dint know what went wrong.
She knew it strongly within,
that he was the only one,
and she can never love another soul.


She begged him for their love,
she asked to give one last chance to their relationship,
she pleaded, she cried, not to go away,
cause he was her life.


He walked away to her surprise,
saying he doesn’t need her anymore in her life.


She cried for months,
she called him a hundred times,
she was dying every moment,
she was living but not alive.


Today, she lay on a hospital bed,
after a horrible accident,
struggling to breathe but craving to die.
she asked everyone she wants to see him for one last time,
thinking may be now he would care,
if not for his girl friend, but for the fact that she had been his best friend.
He slammed down the phone saying he doesn’t care,
and not contact him even if she is dead.


Its been a year, since she heard his laugh and saw his smile,
she craves for his hug and fragrance of his presence,
she knows, she still loves him now and she’ll love him forever,
she strongly believes he will come back someday,
she still waits for him every day and every night.


P.S. If you truly love someone, you’ll definitely be with him someday.

This blind faith is called love, when love becomes your prayer, your God.

* * *

2 thoughts on “The Blind Faith…

    • Pragati says:

      Its worth waiting for something which was yours for so long, when you strongly believe that it belongs to you and will definitely come back. Its just the matter of time…


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